About us

“If you have data, we have ADEAL”

Data explosion, new developments in the field of artificial intelligence and growth of computing and storage capacity are changing our world. We help you to shape this change!


"ADEAL" means "Agile Data Engineering & AnaLytics" and brings our core competencies to the point. We believe that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence should be understandable, fast and easy to use. Not only large corporations, but also small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this important technology trend.

But technology alone does not solve issues. We also rely on in-depth industry know-how (business knowledge) and focus on hands-on industrial solutions that are used directly by our customers.

Last but not least, we have in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience in software engineering and IT architecture. Thus we guarantee our customers that our analytical solutions do not remain abstract and theoretical, but are pragmatically integrated into living IT landscapes.

In summary we can say: ADEAL stands for the perfect balance between business, IT and data science!


History & Development

Core Team

Vladimir Rubin
Dr. Vladimir Rubin
Founder & CEO
Interests: IT Architecture, Data Science
Hobbies: Badminton, music, travel
Juri Bender
Juri Bender
Founder & CFO
Interests: IT Architecture, Automation
Hobbies: Jogging, crafts, cycling
Boris König
Boris König
Manager HR & Marketing
Interests: HR-Projects, Online Marketing
Hobbies: Tennis, beekeeping
Jörn Huxhorn
Jörn Huxhorn
Senior Data Engineer
Interests: Rust, Java, Security
Hobbies: Science, music, netflix & his dog
Idan Lupinsky
Idan Lupinsky
Senior Data Architect
Interests: IT Architecture, AWS, Microservices
Hobbies: Piano, jogging, podcasts
Vlad Satanovski
Vlad Satanovski
Senior Data Engineer
Interests: Software-Architecture, Microservices, Process Automation
Hobbies: Literature, music, travel
Hendrik Schwuchow
Hendrik Schwuchow
Senior Data Engineer
Interests: Big Data, Machine Learning, Streaming
Hobbies: Hiking, long distance travel, computer games, movies
Robert Virga
Robert Virga
Senior Data Engineer
Interests: Blockchain with focus on open finance (defi)
Hobbies: Salsa dancing, fitness

Corporate culture, values

We offer "Data Quality" not just as one of our solutions. The analytical products we manufacture are verified, validated and field-tested.
Customers and partners can rely on our statements. These are the outcome of many years of practical experience as well as professional competence.
Creativity & innovation:
The world is constantly changing. We not only adapt flexibly to other industries, technologies and application ideas, but also actively participate in shaping change.
Openness & internationality:
Our international company is located in the heart of Europe. Our employees come from different cultural areas of the world, speak different languages and have individual mentalities. This makes it easier for us to access local, but especially international projects and partnerships.


DARCBLUE advises and supports the top management of its clients in demanding transformation projects including success-critical IT stakes. The focus is on executive IT consulting services:
  • Development and operationalization of needs-based digital/IT strategies
  • Support and accompanying success assurance for digital transformations and agile transitions as well as prioritized IT portfolio projects
  • Filling vacant roles in project or line functions for the management and implementation of IT projects
  • Customers at home and abroad include corporations, large medium-sized companies and public institutions - well-known brands as well as hidden champions.
Loginom is an analysis platform to create complete application solutions in the field of Data Science. The technologies implemented on Loginom allow you to go through all the phases of building an analysis system: from data consolidation to modeling and visualization based on a unified architecture. The Loginom platform can be used to create autonomous analysis solutions and to develop modules that are integrated with third-party systems.