Industrial Big Data Solutions

Our team offers customized innovative Big Data & Data Science solutions. We gain valuable knowledge from your data and create "Intelligent Recommendations" for your business. Let’s shape the AI future together!

Data analysis

From Data Engineering to
Artificial Intelligence

We guide your company through the complete data analytics process, starting with system integration and data engineering, next to data mining, machine learning and the corresponding visualization. Achieving first-class results using mature processes and systematic approaches, this is ADEAL!

Business Value
through Data

Discovering new business models

With the focus on your business objectives and in close cooperation with business departments and IT, we deliver our enterprise-ready data-driven solutions. Secure your competitive advantages now!

Transparency and Security

Continuous improvement
due to Agility

Through an agile approach with short release cycles, our customers retain full control over their project content and budget. Trust us and our tangible results and processes!

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  • How do I lead my company into the digital future?

  • What do I need to improve the quality of my data?

  • How do I integrate Data Analytics into my business processes?

  • When can I finally manage my company more cost-efficiently with data-based facts?

  • How do I get added value from analytical solutions?

  • What do I need to do in order to achieve quick results?

Technology Services

We bring technological know-how and experience in cloud & devops, data integration and engineering, machine learning & analytics to your company.
Data Engineers
Experts in cloud data integration, aggregation, cleaning and validation

Main technologies:

Multicloud: AWS, Azure, GCP
Development: Java, Python, C#, Scala, Rust, Kotlin, Big Data, Streaming: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Flink, Kafka
Data Pipelines: ETL, Apache NiFi, Airflow, Talend
Search, NoSQL: Elasticsearch, SolR, MongoDB, Redis, Prometheus, Grafana
Experts in cloud, development operations, CI/CD and MLOps

Main technologies:

Multicloud: AWS, Azure, GCP
Development: Python, Bash/Shell, Perl, Groovy
Iaac: Cloudformation, CDF, Terraform
Containers: Docker/Kubernetes, ECR, Fargate, CI/CD, Jenkins, Gitlab, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Nginx
Data Scientists
Experts in machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence

Main technologies:

Model Training: Python, R, Scikit, TensorFlow/Keras, XGBoost, Pandas/NumPy, PySpark
Deep Learning: NLP, Feature Engineering, Clustering, Classification, Regression, MLOps, Tableau, PowerBI, Quicksight, Elasticsearch/Kibana, Data Analytics, Master Data Management


The ADEAL big data analytics platform serves as the foundation for our industrial solutions, incorporating proven technology, architecture decisions, and frameworks. In line with the "Pareto principle", our platform focuses on the time-consuming aspects of data integration and preparation, which often occupy around 80% of data experts' time. We offer data integration and aggregation layers that leverage state-of-the-art data lake and cloud technologies. The remaining 20% is dedicated to analytical tasks, supported by our data intelligence Layer, which provides a self-service low code product.

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