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Data and AI solutions from industry experts

Discover the potential of your core customers through customer segmentation and provide intelligent personalized recommendations for sustainable sales growth.

Business Benefits

Customer Retention
Win back up to 25% of your dormant customers and drive repeating orders.
Increase average order value by 23% with the help of cross- and up-selling offers.
Track and evaluate your customer base, facilitate transparency and customer understanding.
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In three steps, you can move from initial analysis to intelligent day-to-day customer care.
Setting the scene
  • What can customer analysis achieve in a specific case?
  • Development of individual scenarios
  • Workshop: Your company x ADEAL
Creation of the MVP
  • Conception of the MVP
  • Analysis of data sources and IT architecture
  • Implementation and piloting of the MVP for the selected scenario
Further use cases
  • Concepts for further use cases
  • Draft roadmap for the implementation of further use cases
  • Rough draft of a use case-driven data and AI strategy


  • Which customer analyses can be performed?

  • What data is required?

    The analyses can already be performed with the basic data. A table with the columns "Date", "Customer number" and "Purchase total" is sufficient for this. By adding further data, the analyses and findings can be further improved. Of course, we are also there to support you in the areas of data integration, data extraction and data processing.

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