base image Yaroslav Petrovski
Yaroslav Petrovski
Data Scientist
Interests: Big Data, customer analytics
Hobbies: art, fashion, cycling

Yaroslav is currently employed with us as a Data Scientist. With his expertise in data analysis and processing, his main focus lies in creating AI workflows and designing customer analysis dashboards. His remarkable proficiency in Churn Prediction is particularly noteworthy, as it provides valuable insights for our clients

In his tool stack he utilizes Python, Low-Code platforms, Quicksight, and AWS, among others.

Whenever he is not sitting in front of his computer, he is standing in front of a picture in a museum. He mistakenly thinks that he can also paint himself, but but what isn't already maybe comes true.

In addition to his data analysis responsibilities, Yaroslav also contributes to creating our social media posts, adding an appealing and professional touch to our online presence.

If you are interested in learning more about what Yaroslav or a Data Scientist in general does at ADEAL, just write to us at:

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