base image Yaroslav Petrovski
Yaroslav Petrovski
Junior Data Engineer
Interessen: Big Data, IT Architecture
Hobbies: Kunst, Fotografie, Radfahren

Yaroslav is currently working as a Junior Data Engineer at ADEAL and is passionate about our AI product CuSaaS (Customer Segmentation as a Service). Specifically, his focus here is the creation of AI workflows, as well as the design and implementation of dashboards for customer analytics using the following tool stack: self analytics platform Loginom, Quicksight, AWS.

Alongside, he also enjoys dealing with the topics of business informatics such as data-driven corporate culture or IT architectures.

Whenever he is not sitting in front of his computer, he is standing in front of a picture in a museum. He mistakenly thinks that he can also paint himself, but but what isn't already maybe comes true.

In our office, Yaroslav can often be found at a nice corner table directly on our roof terrace. He always likes to choose the most beautiful places our Yaroslav! :-)

If you are interested in learning more about what Yaroslav or a Junior Data Engineer in general does at ADEAL, just write to us at:

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