base image Tobias Friesewinkel
Tobias Friesewinkel
Data Engineer
Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data
Hobbies: soccer, hiking, computer games

Tobias is fan of the "true Borussia" from Mönchengladbach. Dear Tobias, you know I (Boris, BVB fan) see it differently! :-) Tobias is currently employed as a data engineer at our company and, as such, is primarily responsible for the ETL process and monitoring of a data lake, using the following tool stack, among others: AWS, Spark, Python, Java, QuickSight.

He also enjoys working in the area of data science and machine learning.

When he is not sitting in front of his computer, "Tobi" climbs high mountains, regularly laces up his soccer shoes and plays computer games. The last mountain he climbed was the Pilatus in Lucerne.

In our office you can often meet Tobias at a table with Vlad for a dedicated talk and sometimes with Boris in the table tennis corner (by the way, the score is currently 1:1 in games).


If you are interested in learning more about what Tobias or a Data Engineer in general does at ADEAL, just write to us:

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