Revenue Management

General description
Nowadays, many companies intend to provide a variety of products while remaining competitive. The markets are volatile and changes occur quickly: e.g. contingents are used up, competitors make better offers or suppliers raise prices. Companies are very often no longer able to manually monitor and control market prices, internal production chains and product quantities. In the long run, a mature automated approach is essential.
In this context the following questions can arise for a company leadership team:
  • Which price ranges increase the sale of my products?
  • How can I optimise my stock levels and thus avoid bottlenecks in the delivery of goods?

Solution overview
With an automated dynamic pricing our "Revenue Management" solution offers a targeted response to these challenges. "Markups" as well as purchasing and marketing recommendations will be generated and presented to the decision makers or automatically implemented.
We collect the data in pursuing the following focal points: Market demand and prices, product supply and margins, search queries and bookings, external inventory, policies and strategic goals of the company. Based on historical data, we make predictions regarding market behavior (e.g. "demand forecasting"). The data collection and forecasts are then used to calculate intelligent recommendations on prices, stock/contingents, marketing campaigns and procurement. Finally, the recommendations are evaluated and implemented by the decision makers.

Your benefits
As a result, the use of our revenue management solution leads to a significant increase in sales, improved workflows and greater transparency of business objectives at all levels of the company. We always keep an eye on the market and the products. Understanding, predicting and recommending, that's the work of ADEAL!
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