01 September 2023

TechTalk: Generative AI

As part of our monthly kickoff, there was an exciting tech talk on Generative AI, presented by Dmitry.

The topics were as follows:

  • What exactly is #GenerativeAI?
  • What do #Large Language Model (LLM) and Foundation Model mean?
    • Examples of LLMs
    • Use Cases
    • Strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats
  • The different types of generative AI models.
  • What are the applications of Generative AI (Language, Visual, Auditory)?
  • Timeline and Milestones
  • Who are the players in the market and where is the journey going?
  • Challenges and Benefits
  • The economic potential of generative AI
    • Software development, research and development
    • Why is it so important?
    • Value potential by function
  • Concrete ADEAL projects
    • Approaches to enterprise semantic search
    • Selection of infrastructure type and platform provider.
    • Currently available #chatbots and semantic search systems for enterprises
    • LLM On-Premise: #Private GPT
    • Private GPT: tests performed
    • Results of our projects

A really great talk and certainly, in line with the Zeitgeist, not the last one on this topic, especially with regard to further exciting projects from us in this field. If you would like to learn more, especially about our projects and various possible solutions for a #PrivateGPT, please feel free to contact us at any time.



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