03 February 2023


The time has finally come, ADEAL Systems' App Chupper goes live via Shopware. Many thanks to the team for the quick and professional implementation. We are totally excited about the time to come and already proud in advance of our contribution to keeping our customers' customers.

Chupper - the Churn Predictor

Who is Chupper and what will be evaluated?

Losing customers can be frustrating and costly, but with Chupper you can avoid the pain of customer churn. Chupper is an intelligent "churn predictor" that helps you identify at-risk customers early so you can take action to retain them and protect your business.

Chupper's advanced algorithms automatically analyze customer behavior based on order data to detect signs of potential churn. Two customer segments are formed:

  1. Churn-prone customers and
  2. Active customers with purchasing potential.

It also calculates key customer metrics such as total order value, average order value, and dwell time so you can prioritize your customer retention efforts.


Don't wait until it's too late to address customer churn. Use Chupper to stay ahead of the game and retain your customers.


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