01 February 2023

Press release: Databricks

ADEAL Systems partners with Databricks to elevate Data Science to a new Level

Services built on Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform
provide innovative and integrated solutions to the enterprises to solve their big data challenges.

Frankfurt am Main, February 2023:
ADEAL Systems, big data, cloud and AI solutions company, today announced they have partnered with Databricks, the lakehouse company, to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence (AI) and to naturally expand their portfolio to better serve the ever growing data processing needs.

With this partnership, ADEAL Systems offers consulting services to implement the Lakehouse-Plattform in their customers’ environment. Streamlining data ingestion, business intelligence, machine learning, and governance processes in a scalable and simple manner inherently increases business value and lead to better decision making.

“The alliance with Databricks will help us to offer best-in-class products for our existing and future customers . I am sure they will be excited about a product that cuts costs and increases productivity at the same time”, said Vladimir Rubin, founder and CEO at ADEAL Systems.

About ADEAL-Systems

ADEAL Systems creates innovative, agile, big data and AI solutions for companies which want to derive business value from the data. The complete analytics process is supported: from system integration and cloud infrastructure to data engineering and machine learning. Our core competencies: Quality Monitoring, Revenue Management, Customer Segmentation, Operational Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Demand Forecasting.

Media contact: Vladimir Rubin