Operational Analytics

General description
In modern industrial companies Inventory and Asset Management are usually multi-layered and complex. Power plants, water, oil and gas facilities, but transportation vehicles (cars, airplanes and trains) are equipped with many components and subsystems whose run simultaneously and also communicate smoothly with each other. A failure of even the smallest parts can cause damage in millions and, in extreme cases, even pose a danger to passengers. A major focus of affected companies is therefore automated monitoring, real-time analysis of errors and proactive maintenance of machines and equipment.
Production processes and supply chains are multi-layered and at the same time demanding, their operating facilities can correspondingly be prone to errors. More and more work steps are being automated and carried out by robotics and programmable control devices. In this automated environment, the price of an issue is essential, as it can cause damage to several products simultaneously. Therefore, monitoring and quality analysis of production processes are dominating key to success.

Solution overview
Due to the rapid development of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry, it is now possible to quickly and inexpensively install sensors in production facilities and link them to the IoT (Internet of Things) network. The sensor data is collected and evaluated. This forms the basis for the described monitoring and analysis of production processes.
Our "Operational Analytics" solution is based on a proven reference cloud architecture and a combination of data streaming, stream processing, real-time monitoring, visualization and self-service analysis technologies. In production operations, our approach allows horizontal scaling, uses the elasticity in the cloud and is dynamically billed based on resource consumption.

Your benefits
As a result, our solution delivers real-time visualization, KPI reporting and AI capabilities as services to end users. It is scalable and can significantly increase productivity and process quality in the manufacturing industry. We make Cloud IoT accessible to users and always keep an eye on your assets and processes. We connect you with the future!
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