Typing is so yesterday!

Just take a photo of the document you want. Our intelligent software automatically recognises relevant data and transfers it seamlessly to forms, Excel spreadsheets and other systems.

Business Benefits

Rely on precise data extraction to minimise errors and optimise your work processes.
Time saving
Forget typing and copy-pasting - our solution does it for you in seconds.
Increase the productivity of your team by being able to concentrate on more important tasks.

Easy and effective

The user-friendly interface makes using our solution effortless.
Take a photo
Photograph the documents or upload the existing files.
Check it out
Check the automatically detected fields and add new data.
That's it!
The completed forms are available for download.


  • How do I get the SCAN-TO-FORM solution?

    We conduct a workshop with you to clearly define your requirements. We then start developing a customised application that is perfectly tailored to your company's processes.
  • How secure is the application?

    We only store photographed documents for a short, technically necessary period of a few seconds. In principle, no files or other data are stored permanently. Of course, we offer the option of storing the data in encrypted form in the cloud if you want to access it later.
  • Which documents can I upload?

    Our technology enables the recognition and assignment of text, tick boxes and multiple choice options on a wide range of documents and forms - even if they are handwritten.
  • Which forms can be filled out?

    The extracted data can be used in a variety of ways. From the automatic completion of PDF forms to storage in Excel tables, databases and other systems, there are various options available to you.

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