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Business Benefits

Streamlined knowledge management with intuitive enterprise search and intelligent AI support for your business operations
Enhanced operational efficiency through intuitive AI support, providing transparency and predictability of operational processes
Sales & Marketing
Increased customer loyalty through personalized customer communication and intelligent recommendations


Workshop of AI Use Cases
Introduction to AI & Generative AI

Identification of business relevant use cases

Overview of IT architecture and data sources
Design and implementation of an MVP
Status quo analysis of data, documents, IT systems

Evaluation and selection of AI technology

Implementation and testing of the MVP
Development of a company-wide solution / AI strategy
Extension of the MVP scope to a defined company area

Drafting of an AI roadmap and guideline

Design and implementation of strategically important AI use cases

Generative AI technology

Prompt engineering, embedding, fine-tuning of LLM models (ChatGPT, PaLM2, LLaMA2 and others)
On-Premises (PrivateGPT) & Cloud Solutions (Azure, OpenAI, Amazon Kendra)
What is Generative AI?
Generative AI is like a digital artist that creates new stuff—text, images, music—by learning from existing examples and coming up with original creations.


  • AI assistant for an energy provider

    The company is still in the early stages of integrating AI into their operations. However, a significant portion of the workforce already recognizes the benefits of using large language models for knowledge management. These models will soon improve the structuring of corporate knowledge and pave the way for advanced semantic search in corporate documents. An exciting project and groundbreaking for the knowledge management of the future.
    • Energy provider, energy services
    • Based in the EU
    • >14K employees
    • >4 Bil.€ revenue
    • Exists since 1958
    • Created on-premises data repository
    • Integrated documents, images and export from data bases
    • Created semantic search engine
    • Quicker document search for employees
    • Better training time for new employees
    • Chat for deriving new data from old documents (Pending)
  • Smart Travel Assistant / Dynamic Search for a Tour Operator

    In the near future, this company will see a revolutionary shift in how customers plan their travel, moving away from the traditional confines of static search parameters such as dates, destinations and room categories. The rise of AI-driven platforms will shift the paradigm toward a more interactive and intuitive approach to search. Travelers will thus be able to engage in dynamic dialogues with intelligent AI travel assistants. Together with our customer we are actively shaping the travel planning of the future.
    • Tour Operator, Hospitality, Retail
    • Based in the EU
    • 10 Tsd. Employees
    • 2 Bil.€ Revenue
    • Exists since 1917
    • Created cloud data lake
    • Integrated and aggregated data from >40 sources
    • Established search engine with chat function
    • Optimized internal search for travel products
    • Quality management system for product data
    • Chat for improved external search (Pending)
  • Intelligent maintenance of a machine factory

    Working with a European engineering and development company, we are redefining the traditional maintenance process. By seamlessly integrating an AI-powered maintenance wizard, GPT* models can match introduced cloud-based dashboards for real-time monitoring with comprehensive operating instructions tailored to the company's machinery. This is condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of the future.
    • Machine construction and developement
    • Based in the EU
    • >200 Employees
    • >50 Mln.€ revenue
    • 100 years old
    • Created data pipelenes, introduced data quality and cleaning
    • Created cloud dashboards for monitoring and guidelines
    • Fine-tuned GPT models with operating instructions
    • Overview of failures and their implications (operating and downtime costs)
    • Guidelines for management and operations managers
    • Maintenance assistant for quick repair

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