05 April 2023

TechTalk: The many big tittles of logging

Once a month we organize our ADEAL Tech Talk. This time it was held personally by Vlad, the organizer of this popular event, who took a closer look at logging. Thanks to Vlad for the interesting input!


  • Frameworks (JUL - Java Util Logging, Commons Logging, Log4J / Log4J 2, Logback)
  • Logback vs. Log4J 2
  • Vlad’s choice - Logback
    • Architecture (Logger, Appender, Layout)
    • Configuration
    • Configuration Hierarchy
    • Simple Logging Facade for Java
    • Logger Context
    • String Substitution - Parameterized Messages
    • Desktop Logging Event Viewer for Logback
      • Lilith - Multiplex Socker Appender (Developed by our ADEAL colleague Jörn)
  • […]


Dear Vlad, Thank you very much for the interesting lecture, and we look forward to further exciting Tech-Talks.


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