Quality Monitoring

General description
The production processes and value chains in modern companies are known to be multi-layered and very complex. Various IT systems are used (e.g. ERP, CRM, SCM, MDM) and many automated and manual business processes are carried out simultaniously. Sooner or later, errors occur in the execution of these work processes and they can lead to loss of revenue. An automated error-cause analysis and quality monitoring, which gets to the bottom of these complex issues, alleviates the decline in sales.
In this context the following questions can arise for a company leadership team:
  • Why were certain products not sold as planned?
  • Where are the disturbances or errors in the production process? How can we rectify them?

Solution overview
Our data-based automated "quality monitoring" solution is a targeted response to the increasing complexity of processes. It delivers reliable and fact-based results and provides the appropriate answers to the above questions as well as many more.
We collect the data ("digital trails") from various IT systems, link them and show exactly where the anomalies are to be found. In doing so, we discover outliers, trends and systematic errors. In addition, we show the relevance of problems and the effect on sales. We use modern Big Data & Cloud technologies and can therefore process and analyse any amount of data.

Your benefits
The use of our quality monitoring solution leads to a considerable yield assurance and increase as well as comprehensive data set- and process improvements. We always have the quality of your processes in mind. Understanding, maintaining and improving, that’s the ADEAL way!
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